Wednesday, 30 December 2009


very exiting stuff happening in the modular video synth market with two product ranges set to grace more experimental racks everywhere with modules to create and manipulate video signals 

the LZX Industries project seems to be going full steam and is very exiting check and for more info. I think its really good to build up customer support by posting these kind of dev/demo videos interesting stuff!

Lars Larsen one of the guys behind the project corrected my earlier conjecture about the The Jones Video Synth being the same project as the Visionary

"Hi Chris! Thanks for mentioning the Visionary. This isn't the same project, but ours will similarly be a EuroRack format modular video synthesizer/processing system. There is a splash page up at and we'll be releasing module details very soon. Please stay in touch with us!"

I hope the two projects make a new video synth renaissance a viable prospect 

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