Friday, 21 January 2011


Here Is something really intriguing an audio visual music television program from 1980s Montreal. The Videos are posted to youtube by marcf5656

I would like to know more about the production of the videos as some of them seem to have a consistent feel and a clever use of effects and an eye for the glitchy and unusual

from Wikipedia

"Musi-Video show was a Music television series which ran on the PBS network in Canadabetween 1980 and 1984. It was a very early example of the format that later would be adopted by the creation of MTV and MuchMusic.

It was the creation of Marc Fontaine, who was also behind the new wave pop groupNudimension. Recorded in Montreal, it featured early 1980s music artists playing live in a studio and early music videos.

In 2008 the Musi-Video brand was revived as a Music publishing label by Marc Fontaine."


  1. One of the bands featured on Musi-Video was Rational Youth, a great minimal synth pop act:

    The guy in the white jumpsuit, Bill Vorn, now makes robotic art and teaches in an interdisciplinary electronic arts program at Concordia University, called IMCA, which has a large video component.

  2. thanks evan interesting reading and listening :)