Friday, 30 December 2011

Sabrina Ratté at Bubble Byte

Sabrina Ratté
Activated Memory
31/12/11 - 29/01/12
30/12/2011 (7-11pm GMT)

" is pleased to present Activated Memory, a solo exhibition by Canadian artist Sabrina Ratté.

Activated Memory is a two video project based on animated photographs of different parks and buildings of Montreal. Through the use of video feedback, 3D animation and color manipulations, the pictures render a new kind of space, a virtual world where only fragments of "reality" subsist. The music accompaniment is composed by Roger Tellier-Craig.

In Activated Memory I, a video created for The Download section of, parks appear through a very minimalist form composed by trees and grass. It is a journey through the parks disposal and their interaction with light, almost creating a surreal experience while studying symmetric relationships between various elements like dunes, bridges, lost routes and nature. The park and its imaginary recall childhood visits and the way of looking at things, almost like a hologram of an idealised memory.

Activated Memory II, created exclusively for, uses buildings as the main subject of observation. As a counterpoint to parks, buildings are characterised by angular forms and opaque surfaces. Architecture is used as a point of departure to create instability. Buildings discompose their limits into the frame while the geometric original shapes and dimensions of the image loose control to create an entrance to a chaotic space where forms become liquid."

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