Friday, 13 July 2012

Der Warst: Work in progress: Video Glitch Thing

Work in progress: Video Glitch Thing from der Warst on Vimeo.

"Poking around on what will eventually turn into this awesome video Effect/Synth thing I'm building. I'll probably also come up with a sexier name for this at some point...
It's based on the principle Gijs Gieskes uses with his GVP1 Video effects processor:
As with his setup, there's a Video to VGA and a VGA to Video converter.
What you see on in the video are individual pins on the ram chips of both of them connected to ground. There's a bit more than 50 overall pins that produce glitches, distortions, colour changes, etc. Thinking about the overall possible combinations actually gives me a bit of nausea...
And I haven't even touched the VGA signals, yet.
This machine is gonna be freaking amazing!
And I'm going to build it into the housing of a phone.
I like building things into phones."

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