Sunday, 10 February 2013

Machine Log

Machine Log is an excellent blog about restoring ancient video and audio equipment and sometimes building rad projects too. I love the attention to detail and appreciation for the forgotten age of beautifully tied off colour coded wires and hand drawn copper traces.

A project that recently caught my eye is a 360 degree rotating cradle to allow point unrestricted tilting of a video camera for video feedback. This is an incredibly useful project as there are literally thousands of permutations and patterns available by changing the angle of the camera and screen.

Also this modular video processor is an interesting piece of broadcast kit


  1. Wow, thanks for the plugs! I'm thinking about adding a motor control on the camera rotisserie that will respond to CV control, but that's super deep in the project pile.

    1. Hey man thats cool, I would love to see your take on video synthesis, if you have any video please send me some :)

      I am just working out ow to mod allot of stuff for CV integration at the moment, starting small with a few effects units and then on to a simple video modular!

    2. Nothing recorded on the video front just yet, I'll shoot you a reply once I get there. Excellent collection of stuff here, I'll tuck in when I have a free morning and lots of coffee... Cheers, c

    3. I have been building an audio synth out of old test equipment I am dying to show you once I have a few more bits and some audio recorded :)