Saturday, 10 April 2010

PM Pitch Analyzer by Voice Identification INC

found this super cool thing listed being sold via this auction a while back looks like some kind of lab/analytical equipment but it has a BNC video output!

"Up for auction is a very intriguing PM Pitch Analyzer from VII Voice Identification, Inc. We are not sure of everything it does, but our simple experiments with a monitor allow us to get a wide variety of readings from an external audio source. Great for a new circuit bending project! There are buttons for sample rate, smooth, shift, freq scale, amp ref., load program and more. Some of the input/outputs include Mic, Line, BNC Video, printer remote. There is also a sort of pen that looks like it can be used to change the video gain, height, right edge, horiz synch, gain/balance. Some of the chips inside include: AMD 8520DPP NEC D8085AHC, D8085AHC-2, -5 Intel 82716-1"