Saturday, 25 January 2014

Carol Goss

Carol Goss has been active in abstract video work from very early on, have a look at her excellent website for more information, here are some selected still's from her site just to give an initial idea of the range of her work.

Photo of Carol Goss in live performance at Joseph Papp's Public Theater, NYC 1978.

Carol Goss - Paik-Abe Synthesizer
Paul Bley - Electric Piano
Bill Connors -Electric Guitar

Carol Goss - Computer Animation
Don Preston - Audio Synthesizer

Carol Goss / Video Feedback
Perry Robinson / Clarinet
Badal Roy + Nana Vasconcelos / Percussion

Thursday, 23 January 2014

DVE Demos

Some sweet DVE demos from youtube users

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Christia Schubert

Christia Schubert has some nice complex vector work here from 1984/85
Produced using a computer system driving a Soltec/IBM flatbed plotter

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Early Lighting Effects at The BBC

Via youtuber Marc Campbell

This is a video of some beautiful lighing effects work at the BBC 

more on the history of lighting effects coming very soon

Mars an Optic Aspic

From youtuber electromedia
 "Bill Etra's real-time live performance from The Kitchen in 1968 was recorded on Color 16mm film by Woody Vasulka. Woody had that film transferred to DV in 2003, and sent one to Bill. Eventually, Bill gave me a copy of the DV with the hope that I could restore MARS to something similar to its original incarnation. Mars an Optic Aspic was originally performed on 9 B&W monitors, but the 16mm film added some unexpected and welcome color effects that lend themselves to the composition. The choice was made to leave them in. So, this is my restoration (and color correction), with no change to the original sound, and for the first time since the original performance we can see the work in a 9-way split."


Here is the very cool Mandalamat an analogue computer specifically built by Christian G√ľnther to create interesting patterns either using an XY plotter or an Oscilloscope, I have had an XY plotter for a while and made a few drawings using modular synthesizer and function generators but nothing this beautiful!