Sunday, 30 September 2012


Mark McClean and Colin Scott Originally collaborated as Stakker producing innovative live visuals and produced various VHS releases and music videos such as the ground braking Eurotechno (1989) and The Evil Acid Baron Show (1988) . There visuals are full of strange 3D landscapes that are reminiscent of early CG  films produced by american companies such as Pacific Data Images and image processing straight form the Fiarlight CVI, the fast cutting and break neck speed at which new visual elements are introduced helped pave the way for what would become the standard style for live VJing and the visual accompaniment to underground electronic music for the next 15 years. Mark and Colin appear to have stopped working together after the release of Eurotechno. However Part of the sound track  was produced and released as a single to great acclaim by soon to be Future Sounds of London member Brian Dougans, Mark McClean went on to produce most of the visuals and artwork for Future Sounds of London including there seminal album Lifeforms. There is very little information available on line as to what became of Mark, Colin or their early influential collaboration. Stakker is credited with the 1995 Aphex Twin sound tracked Westworld VHS so they may have had a much longer working relationship than is described on-line. Mark's work for FSOL is credited as Buggy G Riphead and FSOL have some fantastic videos possibly produced by Mark and collaborators.

I really like the graphics that accompany Glass on the Teachings From The Electronic Brain video



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