Saturday, 13 October 2012

Spinning Lights

Spinning Lights is a local public access TV show based on Manhattan channel 56 (Time Warner cable) or on RCN cable channel 111 that has been created since 1997 to the tune of 133 episodes by Joel Cadman. Most of the show's images are created with a process known as video feedback.The music for the show is mostly ambient and/or minimalist derived styles which Joel creates with a couple of music recording and midi sound programs,microphones and a synthesizer. 

This is quite frankly a stunning and gargantuan body of work to rival some of the most prolific video, and visual music artists I strongly urge you to study Joel images and wonder at the range of techniques and the level of artistry and precision he has employed to create these amazing feedback works. 


  1. Spinning lights #105 is really mindblowing...i have a tv where is can change the hue and i've made a couple feedbacks with color but the patterns on that one are crazy!

  2. Thanks for highlighting my work, Chris. Best, Joel Cadman