Wednesday, 10 October 2012


On Sunday me and long time collaborator Gary McQuiggin  did a short audio visual performance using synthesizers and video feedback as part of my friend Rosa and Daf's amazing semi regular film night Sunday Cinerama at Total-Refreshment Centre, Also performing was my good friend Jerry Fleming who I also provided some impromptu live video for, Jerrys piece was simple and beautiful, Daf's band Dana Kunze did a stellar performance with an amazingly simple but affective video element filming the inside of a computer that was also a mic'd sound source for some of the textures processed through effects. After the live set there were films screened form some new artists as well as some visual music classics Jordan Belson, John Whitney, Sr ect, It was inspiring to watch these masters after my slap dash approach and makes me want to hone my aesthetic and performative skills further. thanks to T R Centre and Justin Houghton for the snaps and all the other band members and film makers for the fun.

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