Sunday, 9 December 2012

The Gravy Sessions XII

Gary and I performed a Live session for the guys at The Gravy who are all super nice. The Gravy sessions are recorded with live audio and video mixing which is really nice thing to be part of, hats off to Superlative TV who provided most of the excellent visuals and filmed our session. I am also continually amazed how well Gary can improvise while I am playing badly tuned chords on my modular synthesizer. He steers our improvised set the right side of melodic. I am processing Gary's footage while we both play the audio track, It is a very poorly prepared ramshackle performance but there are moments I think sound and video look interesting.

our set

and here is the whole thing

Featuring a guest mix of psychedelic soul by The McCartneys (Johnny Debt), video by Ella McCartney.
Also Chris & Gary performing live improvised audio visual

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