Friday, 4 January 2013

Alivia Zivich, Nate Young, Steve Kenney as Demons

"Demons evolved from a synthesizer duo into a Visual Music trio with the incorporation of video artist Alivia Zivich. Working under the name "Video Madness" she often used the music of Demons as soundtracks to her analog video experiments. Live performances as a group led to the redefining of Demons as Visual Music."

Demons have produced some pretty interesting visual music and are a rare example of the art form as a live hands on band. Alivia Zivich has also produced some interesting solo work some of which can be found on line. While I love the 'high art' of many of the visual music pioneers I can't help but be attracted to the hands on approach to production, something which I have been attempting recently by playing out more often. I wish I could have caught them on their relatively recent European tour.

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