Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Cel Chromascope

So here is my new distraction, another toy. This time a CEL Chromascope. One of the only British video synthesizers more info found on this excellent site.

my one is a special variant with external sync and horizontal sync inputs I haven't quite got any output from  it yet, but I have been using a cheap screen that may possibly not handle its less than perfect signal. Heres hoping!


  1. cool cool cool! im so jealous.
    london v-synth meet-up.
    nuff said.

  2. yes it will happen soon

    I have no internet and it looks like its gonna be that way for the next few days but rest assured we will sort something! soon

    I also found a wjave5 and wjave3 for £20 each! the other day

  3. wicked.. the ave3 is great fun. not tried the 5, ive got an mx10. its fun, but pretty lo-res. the ave3/5s have much better picture quality. seeya