Sunday, 27 February 2011

Artists' Television Access : The Feminism of our Times

Cut and Run + Red Channels in San Francisco: The Feminism of our Times

Artists' Television Access
992 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA

"Re-enacting Liberation: The Feminism of our Times

Radical collective Red Channels is in town from New York City, and is bringing rare films and videos to screen, and for use in stimulating open discussion. This program features early examples of video art, collectively produced documentary, and recent reenactments, which explore the relationship of moving image artists to political agitators and organizers, with work featuring Angela Davis and Valerie Solanas, and two rare productions by Carole Roussopoulos.

Cut and Run is proud to co-present this program.

–Jean Genet parle d’Angela Davis – Carole Roussopoulos, 1970, 7 minutes
–The Woman’s Film – San Francisco Newsreel, 1971, 40 minutes
–SCUM Manifesto – Carole Roussopoulos & Delphine Seyrig, 1976, 26 minutes
–Performing SCUM – Angela Marzullo, 2005, 6 minutes
–The Liberation of Our People [excerpt] – Mark Tribe, 2008, 5 minutes
TOTAL RUNNING TIME: 84 minutes | Digital Projection

Discussion to follow screening.

Red Channels is a radical collective from New York City. they organize public events and use various forms of art and media to facilitate open discussions on culture and politics.

Cut and Run is a traveling film festival from the bay area specializing in the exhibition of short avant-garde and experimental video and film programs.

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