Friday, 27 May 2011


Here is an awesome website and youtube channel for Videoheads a very early (and still somewhat active) video arts collective

"Videoheads began its activities in London, 1967 at the Arts Lab, working with some equipment donated to us by The Beatles. This cumbersome and unreliable equipment was replaced in 1968 when we staged a huge happening at the Albert Hall known as The Alchemical Wedding. Money from that event was used to create a studio and mobile equipment dedicated to the documentation of alternative artistic activities which "normal" TV would not bother with. We were the TV of the alternative society.

In the intervening 40 years we have always maintained a free, open studio, archive and showplace dedicated to what we call "Videoculture"

After 20 years of consulting and working with UNESCO in Paris, the collection and workshop have been re-united in our new workspace in Amsterdam"

here are some awesome videos 

thanks to Diamond Variations for bringing these guys to my attention  :)

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