Saturday, 21 April 2012

AFC: Work from the Experimental TV Center Archive/Television Delivers People

I know it's a bit late now, I misse this but it's here for posterity :) also check out the ICAs current exhibition Remote Control that surveys the enormous impact that television has had upon contemporary culture and there other related live events Television Delivers People

Photo: James Richards

Next Thursday (13 April 2012), Artists’ Film Club presents a selection of ground-breaking works from the archive of New York’s Experimental TV Center. An insight into the recent history of artists using, exploiting and subverting new electronic media technologies.
In the early 1970′s, artists were moving outside existing organisational structures in attempts to create more utopian systems, in critique of television and mainstream media. However, until the 1990′s artists struggled to access these new media tools for their own uses. Founded in 1969 in Owego, New York state, the Experimental TV Center has been a hub for video engineering and experimentation ever since.

Created by artists for other artists the center has developed its own unique bank of radical editing and image processing equipment, worked with by such diverse artists such as Gary Hill, Ikue Mori, Nam June Paik and Abigail Child.

The Artists’ Film Club presents a programme of works from the ETC’s archive and is selected by artist James Richards, and Associate Curator of Artists’ Moving Image, Steven Cairns.

Find out more about the unique and peculiar resources hosted at the ETC.

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