Thursday, 19 July 2012

Alex White

De-Composite @ Time Machine 2012 from Alex White on Vimeo.

"Documentation of video installation at Time Machine, Sydney, July 2012.


De-Composite exploits analog video encoding systems including composite video to produce a video form. These systems were ubiquitous and central to television, video and gaming production and consumption for decades and are now rapidly approaching obsolescence. There is a fluidity and immediacy to directly engaging and interrupting these analog systems and also an opacity of function encouraging a reliance upon cause and effect, trial and error rather than conception and execution.

De-Composite utilises movement and configurations of person(s) within the space of the installation as modulation sources to synthesise a real time generated hybrid analog / digital video projection with stereo audio.

Alex White

Alex has an intense interest in synthesis as applied to audio and video. For more than 10 years he has created his own software based instruments and more recently has begun utilising a modular synthesiser for both audio and video performances and installations. Alex is a co-organiser of Moduluxxx – Modular Synthesis Festival which debuted in 2012, Alex has also co-directed Serial Space, Electrofringe Festival (when it was a festival), Liquid Architecture Sydney and is the founder and project consultant for the Lion Mountain Studio project. Alex currently works for the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia on the Digital Radio Project."

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