Saturday, 3 August 2013

Laser Shows

I have long been interested in laser shows since reading about them in various books like Expanded Cinema and Ron's great books and work, the visuals apparently float in space when performed in pitch black planetariums and other dome like structures. This frees the drawn video image from the tyranny of standard aspect ratios and hints at infinity. There seems to still be a few real laser shows left in the world and there are some amazing visuals on the web that almost capture how cool they might be live. (thanks to JJ for this one)

Here is an image from Laserium, designed by Ivan Dryer one of the pioneers of Laserium's techniques, Production Laser Images Inc.USA
and below are laser graphics for the Cosmic Laser Concert "Laserium" presented at the London Planetarium. Again Ivan Dryer and Laser Images Inc.

Here are some great videos from Laserium

and this one from from another user

Also worth a mention are all the Laser art projects and installations that have been produced, I have lost my brochure on Centerbeam which I believe featured laser projection

I really need to have a search through all my resources to find more examples because I am sure I have loads more

Finaly I will leave you with one of Ron's amazing videos, he will be getting his own post very soon

Images taken from Graphics in Motion By eminent British animator John Halas

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