Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Mars an Optic Aspic

From youtuber electromedia
 "Bill Etra's real-time live performance from The Kitchen in 1968 was recorded on Color 16mm film by Woody Vasulka. Woody had that film transferred to DV in 2003, and sent one to Bill. Eventually, Bill gave me a copy of the DV with the hope that I could restore MARS to something similar to its original incarnation. Mars an Optic Aspic was originally performed on 9 B&W monitors, but the 16mm film added some unexpected and welcome color effects that lend themselves to the composition. The choice was made to leave them in. So, this is my restoration (and color correction), with no change to the original sound, and for the first time since the original performance we can see the work in a 9-way split."

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