Thursday, 27 March 2014

Art électronique

As a British person from 2014 I have never wanted to be a young French kid in in a polo neck from 1978 until now, this is pretty much my dream audio visual studio, featuring some lovely  shots of the EMS Spectron video synthesizer in action as well as a whole host of other nice EMS and custom rack gear for sound and video experimentation.
Thanks to Jeff my good friend from across the seas for digging this video up!


  1. where did you get this INA doc?On their site?
    your new blog is TIGHT!

  2. yeah just follow the link in the post!

  3. Awesome man, right now TF1 is more like conservative style of Television channel in France. I never expect they can brodcast something like that in the 80's!!! Electronic music is open for everyone, like they said. Good job!!

  4. Thanks for posting this!
    Their EMS Spectre is still alive! It was restored here in Switzerland (Guyonnet and Calame's were/are Swiss). I posted some information here:

  5. Thanks Dispo! great blog as alwayse