Monday, 13 September 2010

Another Tyco TVC 8000 Video Cam

So this week at a junk market I came across another Tyco Video Camera for £2. Hopefully Im going to use them both for a few experiments including some circuit modifications and possibly some stereo imaging. When the tests are done ill post a tutorial.


  1. Does this record to cassette just like the PXL-2000? I'm thinking of picking one up for cheap live visuals.

  2. no it has composite video out only (no recording) its ok for cheap live stuff but you may want to do some mods to it detailed in the website linked in my post because it doesn't deal with the dark very well (even then it wont be perfect)

    also it uses a normal mini quarter inch stereo jack to carry the composite signal and the audio (but comes with a cable that converts that to a normal phono jack end) so you may want to mod it to have a phono socket on the back

    its really just a cheap cctv camera packaged to look like a video camera and happens to run off low power too I think their cool

  3. Oh cool. I know someone selling one so I just may pick it up in that case...thanks for the information.

    BTW, do you have Vimeo or an email or something? I have tons of cool visual stuff you'd like and I don't want to clutter your comments.