Thursday, 16 September 2010

Magnetic Tape Video Looping

Unlike the relatively simple practice of audio tape looping that has been employed extensively in the music and art world since before the 1950s, magnetic video tape looping is allot more difficult. The main obstacles are maintaining tension, lengths involved and the way video is multiplexed with embedded sync signals and recorded on to the magnetic medium more often than not in a helical scan pattern. This means examples are few and far between.

A good place to start is destructural video blogspot which has a fantastic post that details some of the projects found online. For a more current feed of interesting video that falls under the destructural banner  check out the facebook group linked from the blogspot!

I also found this website detailing the video feedback work of Stevo Wolfson pretty interesting stuff and he has diagrams of all his various setups

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  1. Just founf this blog entry. Thank you for includng my diagram. The current URL to my video art page is: Cheers from Stevo In Yr Studio