Tuesday, 9 November 2010

BitVision video synthesizer

here is something cool from Lars Larsen of LZX Industries fame via handmade music

"Lars Larsen of LZX Industries will be presenting his new BitVision video synthesizer at the next handmade Music Austin."

The BitVision features :

– A frame buffer which can display internal shapes and images in many colorization modes.
– 8-bit color palette, although thousands more can be revealed from the analog color phase shifter.
– An analog envelope follower/generator that responds to an external audio or clock signal, with gain and decay controls to modulate video.
– A frequency counter also derived from the audio input, which can modulate video based on the frequency of the input signal.
– Program and mode selection pushbuttons, as well as two arbitrary knobs and one pushbutton to control parameters dependent on the currently selected display program and mode.
– Integrating programming header allows savvy users to upload their own images and animation routines.
– 1/8″ jack audio input.
– Composite video RCA output.

This workshop will be presented By Switched On and will be held at the space next door to them.

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