Monday, 15 November 2010

Michael Egger & Flo Kaufmann - Analog Visuals Labor

here are some fascinating shots of a project involving artists Michael Egger & Flo Kaufmann from shiftfestival on flickr that looks like some kind of live analogue visuals lab

"Shift Electronic Arts Festival is an annual international festival in Basel, Switzerland that includes concerts, exhibitions, video and film screenings, lectures, artist talks, workshops and more."

there website and blog are:

the modular video synthesizer in the front is synkie a project detailed on this fantastic page with development information and schematics! It looks like its is Michael Eggers work (possibly a collective research project) from what I can read more info here 

the synth  in the back is the legendary EMS Spectron/Spectre that I put up more info on here (with links to good sites) and further related projects here I was originally designed by Richard Monkhouse

and Flo Kaufmann's very cool site is here 

you can see some video of the work in action here


  1. some footage of the spectre at shift festival:

  2. found you googling flotv know anything email randy @ earthlcd com and check out earthmake for $69 6.5 video lcd next week. also do you know video performance artist friend of mine

    1. Hi Randy thanks that arduino LCD looks great!

      not sure about flotv might be flo kaufmann related?