Sunday, 19 December 2010

Chirp -1

Here is another video that utilizes a Quantel DPE 5000, created in 1979 with Video and audio by Dean WInkler, Glenn Van Alstyne, Tom Lucke, Elaine Lewis, and Brian Aitchison.

check out Dean WInklers amazing youtube channel here for work that incorporates video effects and techniques from pre digital era right on through to early computer graphics and beyond

the breadth and range of the work is very impressive

from Dean in reply to someone's question on youtube
"This was created in two separate effects passes: An old porno tape was processed using a Serge modular music synthesizer to sequence the sounds and control the colorization of a Hern video synthesizer (both analog). The sounds are also inserted into the video, which are the stripes you see, changing with frequency. The tape from the first pass was used to seed an analog feedback loop around a Quantel 5000 digital effects device. Sorry, I have no clue what an AfterEfx plug-in equivalent is :-)"

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