Friday, 28 January 2011

Lillian Feldman Schwartz

Here is some cool work from pioneering media artist Lillian Feldman Schwartz youtube link here

"All images and sound copyrighted Lillian Feldman Schwartz. All rights reserved no rights to copy.
Courtesy of the Lillian Feldman Schwartz Collection, The OSU Libraries & The OSU Foundation.

"The changing dots, ectoplasmic shapes and electronic music of L. Schwartz's 'Mutations' which has been shot with the aid of computers and lasers, makes for an eye-catching view of the potentials of the new techniques." - A. H. Weiler, N. Y. Times. Music by Jean-Claude Risset--commissioned by Office de Radiodiffusion-Television Francaise. Golden Eagle-Cine 1973; Red Ribbon award - Special Effects - National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences; Cannes Film Festival, 1974. (7-1/2 min.)"

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