Saturday, 29 January 2011

Matthew Schlanger and his Lumpybanger Blog

a link was posted to this awesome blog over at muffwiggler

lumpybanger is the blog of Matthew Schlanger video artist and synth builder who for a time worked and made art at the experimental television center and he has some fantastic work and photos of his system well worth a look

from the blog:
"I went to Binghamton University in 1976 and studied video with Ralph Hocking in Binghamton’s Cinema Department. Ralph introduced me to image processing and the ETC. In 1981, I became one of the local artists-in-residence at ETC. I also worked for both the ETC and for Dave Jones’ Design Lab in Owego, NY.; where I built many of the image processing machines designed by Mr.Jones and used by ETC studio artists for over twenty five years."

find more of his work here 

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