Saturday, 19 June 2010


I love the Idea of Videoscapes. After the mid 90s boom in popularity glitch has become a critical part of contemporary popular esthetics.  This does mean having to wade through a lot of mundane retrogressive stuff that doesn't really do anything for me. Audio visual works can be very emotive and immersive but who wants to be immersed in boredom?

here is a really good example of a successful (to me anyway) piece of work using noise/glitch of both an audio and visual nature. via videoscapes

more info: Radio Dada (3:47')(video: Rosa Menkman, music: Extraboy, 2008) The video-images are constructed out of nothing but the image created by feedback (I turned a high-end camera on a screen that was showing, in real time, what I was filming, creating a feedback loop). Then I glitched the video by changing its format and subsequently exporting it into animated gifs. I (minimalistically) edited the video in Quicktime. Then I sent the file to Extraboy, who composed music for the video. The composing process started with a hand held world radio. Extraboy scanned through frequencies and experimented with holding the radio in different parts of the room while touching different objects. Eventually he got the radio to oscillate noise in the tempo that he perceived in the video. The added synthesizer sounds were played live to further build on the non-digital sound and rhythm. This was later contrasted with drums which were digitally synthesized and processed through effects with a very digital sound to them. Just like with the video, the digital and analogue media and aesthetics of sound are mixed into one coherent whole.

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