Saturday, 19 June 2010

Dirty Video Mixer

Karl Klomp's Dirty Video Mixer certainly gets about. It really is the easiest and most useful diy video project to get started with. here are some projects I found online...

heres one in a tiny blue plastic suitcase from Pan&tone 
Brazilian  and super cute! 

heres one with an photocell and a smart us of a CD case 
by servando on fliker 

and heres another unfinished involved in some text manipulation 
project, from typomotion

another from Joeknow in a classy burgundy

and another in a old printer cartridge
EPSON dirt video mixer FUSION from anatomic visual on Vimeo.

and another from ohnoitshoward on youtube

and another (tired yet) from psysaid32

and finally (although I'm sure there are way more) via pinballw1zard 


  1. i love your work...i havnt money to buy a video mixer would please give me a guide to make one of these?

    1. sure click the link 'dirty video mixer' at the top that's a schematic the symbols show you how to wire it it's really just three sockets, potentiometer and two switches :)
      go here and scroll down to read more