Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Toy Cameras

So I now have few new toys, a 1980s Fisher Price Pixelvision PXL-2000 camera that records video on standard audio cassettes! and a Tyco TVC-8000 another small black and white camera from slightly later, both use a CCD, both are small and grey 

now the PXL- has a huge floowing and many online groups and film festivals dedicated to its users so I wont bother including all the links here (they are easy to find) but the Tyco TVC-8000 is less well known and used (which is why  it only cost me £1) here is an excellent website about its capabilities 


  1. I've been trying to acquire one of the old Videocams... I can't believe you found it for a mere quid! Did you luck out on eBay?

  2. yes just got another one for £2 on a junk stall which I'm going to use as a test bed for some power starve and other mods detailed in the link above

    ill post a build report about it when its done

    good luck in your search

  3. Have you had any success with modding the TVC-8000? I picked up 2 recently. Been searching for mod results before I open one up. Love your blog BTW.

  4. not yet just using them as intended I think simple colour cams have more options but you might want to add some toggles for the functions from the schematic linked in the above post

  5. For whomever might be interested...
    The website linked above is down, but it has been stored there: